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2010 Pembina, ND     

Day's get shorter. Night's get colder. Snow get's deeper.  Life get's better...


Remember “back in the day” when the  ditches, trails and restaurant parking lots were full of sleds every weekend? Well we do too!


Or after seeing a big group of friends and neighbors running down a tree row or ditch line together was the reason your family bought “snow cats” in the first place? Well it still is!


Like most grass roots snowmobile stories go, the Ditch Bangers Ball started twenty years ago with six friends going for a ride on a -20F December Saturday afternoon.   It's since grown to be about 100 sleds and about 130 participants in support vehicles and/or people that just enjoy seeing a hundred sledders going down the ditch from town to town and hanging out.


Basically it's just another good ol’ fashioned gathering of all sled heads. New sleds, old sleds it don’t matter. Just be ready to ride, laugh, dance and have a good time!


All sled makes, models and years and sled friendly people welcome.  Please join us and spread the word.



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